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Here's how to measure the accuracy and vibration of a book

Accuracy checks are mostly useful for the person doing the measurement. Any measurement done by someone else should be seen as a hint but not as the absolute truth. At the end of the day, you have to evaluate truth by yourself. If you can't yet use the methods described above, then you can use someone you trust who has such ability until you develop the skill to validate on your own.

Hint: Validating the accuracy of a reading is much easier than doing the reading itself.

Hint 2: Is it much easier to measure a book BEFORE reading it, as you then have no intellectual information to distort the result. Understanding the subject of the book can help understand the results but doesn't help in any way to measure the energetic frequencies. It is recommended to always apply this technique before reading or watching any article or video online.

1. Communicating with your higher self

There is not much difference between measuring the accuracy level and measuring the vibration level. Both are done by communicating with your higher self that has access to a much greater intelligence through the astral planes. Measuring the accuracy level is based on this principle: when you look at something that is true, you feel stronger and lighter, and when you look at something that is false, you feel weaker and heavier. Going beyond the simplicity of "true or false", you can precisely measure the accuracy level based on this same principle.

There are several techniques to do such measurement, and no matter which you choose, the steps ahead will remain the same.

There can be various sources of distortion, and the most difficult to correct is the value bias where you focus only on a part of the target based on your values and beliefs. Even with such distortion, the answer is generally accurate. It is the question (area of focus) that is distorted.

Method 1: Channeling

If you are able to communicate with spiritual guides and archangels, this is the easiest method. There is an Orion soul called Denise who has been assigned with the task of facilitating energy readings and has been trained and equiped for this specific task. She can do the reading for you. The great advance of this method is that it will bypass your own value bias and it is much easier for her to look at it from above without physical distractions.

To ask her to do a reading, think of Denise and tell her from within your mind to measure the desired target. Even if you can't communicate telepathically, she can easily hear you. Just trust that the message went through. She will need a few seconds to focus from the Plane of the Absolute and eliminate distortion, then she will send you back the answer. There are various senses that can be used for telepathic transmissions: hearing, feeling, seeing, or simply knowing. Let her know which type of communication you prefer for her response. She will use special energetic technology to send you back a clear signal that is easy to pick up.

Even when Denise does the readings, it's always good to do an accuracy check on her response: "is this answer 100% accurate". There is sometimes 1% or 2% distortion, but for the most part, she is highly accurate.

Method 2: Muscle Testing

View this article to learn how to do muscle testing.

Method 3: Pendulum Reading

View this article to learn how to measure with a pendulum.

2. Measuring a vibration

Once you can ask a yes/no question and receive the response with either of the methods mentioned above, the rest is simple. "Target" refers to the idea you wish to measure. If you do an accuracy check, 0% means the target is entirely false, and 100% means the target is entirely true. If you measure the vibration level on the Hawkins Scale, 0 can either mean death or a neutral point between good and evil. 1000 represents perfect harmony with this Universe. Negative values represent black magic and dark powers. Our sun vibrates at 8 million. Government propaganda agents vibrate at around -316. Values can go well above 1000 and well below 0. David Hawkins focused on the "normal" range between 0 and 700, while Etienne Charland tends to focus on everything outside that range.

For both types of readings, the process is exactly the same: asking a series of yes/no questions.

First, ask if the target is more than 50% accurate. If yes, ask if it is more than 75% accurate. If no, ask if it is more than 25% accurate. Keep refining the questions until you identify the answer. Another approach is to start with "is the answer at least 10%" and then ask for 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% until you get a no. If you get a no for 70%, do the same from 61% to 70% and if you get a no at 66%, it means the answer is 65%.

Then, ask "Is this answer accurate", and "Is there any distortion, internal or external". If you don't get a clear YES and a clear NO, you can't trust the answer. You can also ask Denise to help you validate your results, especially when you start learning the process. She can, or example, move the focus of your mind to bypass value bias.

3. Producing the Book Accuracy List

Etienne Charland made several tests before producing the Book Accuracy List. He made the measurements of a series of books and asked two other people to do the measurements independently. After comparing the results, there were considerable differences, and they did several rounds while fine-tuning their approaches until they got congruent results. The challenge is to bypass value bias, especially for a complex target like a book. Your mind must surround the entire energetic aggregate of the book. For example, if someone has a transcentalist approach to spirituality and avoids the perspective of sexuality, leadership and power, the book may be true from a certain perspective but miss many points from a greater perspective. A transcendalist will not detect this flaw, someone who understands both perspectives will have a more accurate evaluation, and someone who has a down-to-earth approach to life will probably avoid that book. You need to look at it from the perspective of the Plane of the Absolute beyond time and space, and from a grounded and centered state.

That being said, we're confident the list is highly accurate, although flaws can still slip by. You must always use your own discernment.

Etienne Charland worked with Denise (see Method 1) to do the readings as it is the easiest way to bypass value bias.

  • Step 1: Focus the mind around the entire aggregate of the book.
  • Step 2: Ask Denise for the accuracy level and vibration level. Ask for one more decimal than needed to get the last digit right after rounding.
  • Step 3: Do an accuracy check on her answer. If you don't get a clear 100%, repeat the 3 steps.

After going through the whole list, Etienne went through the list again to do accuracy checks. For every reading that doesn't get a clear 100% accurate, he repeated the 3 steps until he got a clear YES. There is a distinct feeling when the answer is 100% accurate as opposed to 98%. He kept reviewing the list until he got a clear 100% accurate on the entire list as a whole.


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